Installation tutorial
Post-sale support

Installation tutorial


       The booting pattern of XuanWheel are some sequentially illuminated LEDs flowing regularly. If there aren’t any images, first make sure each magnet has fixed to the white piece at the end of the light arm and two light arms are firmly connected by the linking wire. When you make sure the magnets have fixed to the white piece, three lights in the middle of the light arm will go out. Then open the menu to the left in app and make sure XuanWheel has connected to app through Bluetooth. In the end, you can change pictures freely by choosing a picture and clicking send button.
       If the auxiliary light arm can’t normally display while the main arm can function normally, please check whether the white piece(sensor) of the light arm has fixed to the magnet or not. If the patterns displayed by two light arms are not exactly the same, please make sure the linking wire connecting two arms has successfully connected and upload pictures again.
       First please make sure whether there is still enough battery. Besides, if the riding velocity keeps at lower than 3km/h, XuanWheel would be put into Hibernation or Standby, and only the two endmost red lights of each arm would shimmer. However, it can still receive images from app. XuanWheel would be awakened after sensors in each light arm pass the magnet.
       This problem can be fixed through the XuanWheel app. Setting the angle displayed at app setting page.
       If you can not find your XuanWheel device on your mobile phone, please check if your Bluetooth is on. Examine whether the hardware of XuanWheel is activated or it is placed near the phone. If you enabled the biding function, please try disable it and search devices again. If the device still can not be found, please reset the application or the XuanWheel hardware.
       You can active the binding function at setting menu. After activating, XuanWheel would automatically bind to corresponding bicycle wheel when successfully connected and the certain wheel in app can not connect to other XuanWheel. When disconnecting, discharge binding the front wheel and back wheel on setting page.
       After connecting XuanWheel, you can customize the name of it at setting menu. Make sure it includes less than 5 Chinese characters or 15 English letters.
       We have added some default pictures of different style in the app and they are available to use. At the picture editing page, click the “+” button at top right corner and then you can add customized text, DIY graffiti, pictures from Cloud gallery and local photo album.
       If you want to use the multi-image looping mode, just long press any picture at editing page to enter this mode. After selecting your favorite pictures, send them to XuanWheel. Long press again multi-image looping mode to quit. You can set time interval of looping display at setting menu. If you want to stay in multi-image looping mode, keep the app activated.
       The default diameter of bicycle wheel is 34 inches. Check whether the diameter of your bicycle wheel can match the size set in the app or not if you think the data is not precise. If not, reset the diameter of your bicycle wheel at setting page.
       If you break components accidently, please visit our  XuanWheel official online store  to change or purchase components.
       You are welcomed to submit your questions and opinions at the feedback menu in app. We will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting!

Post-sale support

       Chendian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. provides warranty of products in accordance with the three guarantees of National Electrical Provision. XuanWheel instruction book and order number are required when doing guarantee work.(Receipt not required.)
       Unconditional returning within 7 days since delivery. Unconditional exchanging within 30 days if there are any quality problems. Please contact our official customer service center first for service support if you want to return or exchange products. Returning, exchanging or repair are available within 7 days after the receiving of the cargo in case there is any undesigned damage. The unconditional returning of cargo within 7 days only applies to products sold on XuanWheel official website(including JD Crowdfunding). Any artificial damage, packing case wearout and random components loss don’t apply to the returning rule. And the customer will have to pay the cost cased by delivery(the physical distribution expenses paid when initially purchase won’t be refund). Payment will be refunded to customer’s account correspond to the account on the order within 7 days since the day we receive returned goods(Influenced by the payment channel, it may take some time for customer to receive refund. The actual situation shall prevail.) We don’t accept separate return of XuanWheel, you’ll need to return the whole package of XuanWheel including the kit. Packing chest are used to ensure the safety of XuanWheel, so we suggest that customers keep the packing chest for at least 30 days since receiving in case you would like to return or exchange goods. Chendian Intelligent Technology are willing to provide non-gratuitous packing chest if there are any loss or damage of packing chest. We really appreciate your support!
       Chendian Intelligent Technology provide a whole year warranty for the product if there are any breakdown of the machine or quality problem cased by non-artificial factors or accidents. When you need maintenance service, please do contact our official customer service and ask for support in advance. We do not guarantee maintenance service when:1.Customers have already contacted any unofficial maintenance staff privately or used unofficial components causing damage to the machine body. 2.The damage is caused by incorrect using method or other human factors.